DRIP TAPE - 250 / PLAIN / 16 mm / 1000 meter

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THICKNESS - 250 Micron  /   SIZE - 16 mm  /  PLAIN TUBE without DRIP HOLES 
Holes can be made with a needle and micro tube can be inserted.
Plain Drip Tape is without drip holes.

DRIP TAPE 250 MICRON / 16 mm Size

KSNM DRIP TAPE is very simple and affordable by small farmers. KSNM removes the entry barrier for small farmers to adopt drip irrigation technology. Water flows like a jet instead of drop by drop as seen in the photo. There is no dripper in the tube. Instead, simple holes are made to drip tube. Hence clogging problem will never occur. There will be No blockage of holes. Suitable only for above ground installation.

Specifications of Drip Tape

Water flows like a jet instead of drop by drop as seen in the photo
Drip lateral tape is a seamless tube
Manufactured from special grade virgin poly ethylene mixture
Flexible tape makes it convenient for coiling and recoiling
Recommended for closely spaced crops
Suitable for above ground laying.
Normally the drip tape is flat and becomes round shape when water flows through the tube.
Wall thickness – 250 micron ie 10 mil
Drip holes are formed in the tape with spacing of  45 cm, 60 cm etc
Operating pressure is maximum of 1 kg/cm2
Outer Diameter – 14.6 mm.  All 16 mm lateral fittings can be used.
Custom order of any thickness, any size and any hole spacing is possible.


Wall Thickness             -  250  Micron
Size                              -  16 mm
Water Discharge          -  9 lph
Operating Pressure     -  1 Kg/cm2
Laying length               -  20 meters
Packing Quantity          -  1000 Meters
Roll Size                       -  300 x 250 mm
Gross Weight               -      11 Kg (Approx.)


Single Roll Size                         -    25 cm Dia / 31 cm Ht.
Single Roll Weight                     -   11 Kg
Master Packing                          -    2 Rolls
Master Packing Size                  -   LxWxH- 53 x 26 x 33 cm
Master Packing Gross Weight   -    23 Kg.
Type of Packing                         -  Carton Box


Without any drip holes         -   1001
Drip Hole Spacing - 45 cm   -  1002
Drip Hole Spacing - 60 cm   -  1003
Drip Hole Spacing - 75 cm   -  1004
Drip Hole Spacing  - 90 cm  -  1005

Drip Irrigation Kit uses DRIP TAPE 250 / 16 mm / 45 cm.  Drip Kit is available for different areas.

Wall Thickness 250 Micron
Diameter 16 mm
Drip Hole Spacing PLAIN TAPE
Dripper Plain Tube. Manually holes are made by piercing with a needle
Water Discharge Depends upon size of Micro Tube
Laying Length Depends upon number of drip holes
Operating Pressure 1 Kg / cm2
Expected Life 4 Years
Suitable Crop Banana and crops with irregular spacing.
Net Weight 10.7 Kg
Roll Length 1000 Meter
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