Rain Hose is a flexible hose with pattern of holes for spraying of water. The entire field becomes wet. Its 350 micron thickness and 40 mm diameter. Expected life is 4 years. Operating pressure is 1 kg / cm2
Discharge rate is 180 liter per meter per hour approximately at 1 kg / cm2 pressure.
Our RAIN HOSE do not have emitters. Simple holes are made for water to flow. In rain hose there are pattern of holes on the surface.
RAIN HOSE ( Spray Tube) can be laid up to 50 meters. Pressure must be maintained at 1 kg / cm2
RAIN HOSE can cover 3 meter either side and total of 6 meters can covered when pressure is 1 kg/cm2. Discharge is approximately 180 liter per hour per meter length. That means for 50 meter length the discharge at 1 kg / cm2 would be approximately 10000 liter per hour.
RAIN HOSE wall thickness is 350 micron / 0.35 mm / 14 mil
You require only the PVC pipes and the associated fittings for the PVC. All other items are provided by us.
You can buy online at our website www.ksnmdrip.com Free Shipping within India. For other countries, kindly send mail to info@ksnm.in
Standard Rain Hose Diameter is 40 mm. There are different models of Rain Hose with the diameter 20 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm
800 meters of Rain Hose are required per acre with 6 meter spacing. Four numbers of SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT / 1/4 acre are required - Product Code - 1097. This contains all the necessary fittings except PVC pipe.
NO. Filtration is not required.
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