Take Off Connector with Valve / 20 mm Lock

Take Off Connector with Valve / 20 mm Lock is used to connect Mini Rain Hose / 20 mm or Drip Tape / 20 mm with the grommet or washer in PVC pipes.

Straight Connector / 20 mm Lock

Straight connector / 20 mm Lock is used to join the Mini Rain Hose /20 mm or Drip tape / 20 mm if there is a cut or damage.

End Cap / 20 mm Lock

End Cap / 20 mm Lock is used to close the Rain Hose / 20 mm and to prevent leakage from the end.

Grommet / 20 mm

Grommet / 20 mm is used to connect take off connector with PVC pipe.

Drill Bit / Stainless Steel / 20 mm

The dill bit is made up of stainless steel material. It is very rugged and last long. This is used to drill the PVC pipe so that grommet / 20 mm can be fixed for take off connector. Laterals are connected to the take off connectors. Designed for easy and comfortable handling.

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