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DIRECT PADDY SEEDER / 20 x 20 cm / 8 Rows

DIRECT PADDY SEEDER   is one of the revolutionary equipment that changed the face of sowing paddy seeds in wetland field. Direct paddy drum seeder has eliminated the need of transplantation and hours of manual work which will literally break the back of the farmers involved in sowing the paddy seeds to the field. At one stretch with single...


KSNM - CONO WEEDER FOR PADDY FIELD Weeding is the process of eliminating  competition of wanted plants with the regular crop so that the crop can be grown profitability.  Management of weeds is an important component of crop production technique as removal of weeds is expensive and hard to achieve at later stages. Weeds take away nutrients and...


KSNM  FINGER ( JAPANEASE) PADDY WEEDER  S.NO. PARTICULARS SPECIFICATION 1 Function For weeding in between rows of line sowing paddy crop 2 Power Manually operated 3 Number of  operators One person...


1)  It is manually operated equipment for weeding and inter culturing in upland row crops in black soil region.2)  It consists of twin wheels, frame, V-blade with tyne, U clamp, scrapper and handle. Cutting and uprooting of weeds are done through push and pull action.3)  Light weight, simple to operate which improves the work posture and also re...

Amla Seed Remover

AMLA, an edible fruit indigenous to tropical India, has extensive adaptability to grow in diverse climatic and soil conditions. It is a rich source of vitamin C and is used for manufacturing medicines to treat diseases such as diabetes, skin diseases, leprosy, jaundice and in hair oil to prevent greying of hair. A number of processed products ...

Sugarcane Detrasher

Uses:1. For de-trashing the sugarcane leaves.2. It also removes the sprouted buds. This is a simple hand operated device that helps farmers to detrash the sugarcane leaves.  To detrash the leaves of sugarcane is a big task. It involves the risk of getting injured and also hands will be itching, Sugarcane detrasher helps people to re...

Wheel - Direct Paddy Seeder

Wheels are provided at both ends of the direct paddy seeder. These wheels are made up of plastic material to provide floating characteristics. Wheel diameter is 2 feet.

Seed Drum - 20 x 20 cm

The seed drum is hyperboloid shaped with 200 mm diameter. There are 8 number of seeding metering holes of 9 mm hole diameter. Baffles are provided inside the seed drum between the seed holes to ensure the uniform seed rate in operation as well as to ensure hill dropping of the seeds. Each seed drum has two rows of planting, and four drums are assem...

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