Salient features: 1. Low cost weed control. 2. Easy to operate. 3. No Chemical residue. 4. Facilitates good aeration. 5. Better development of root system.



1) It is manually operated equipment for weeding and inter culturing in upland row crops in black soil region. 2) It consists of twin wheels, frame, V-blade with tyne, U clamp, scrapper and handle. Cutting and uprooting of weeds are done through push and pull action. 3) Light weight, simple to operate which improves the work posture and also reduces the drudgery of the women worker

Amla Seed Remover

TNAU Model - Made up of stainless steel Base platform 3 mm thickness and size is 220mm x 160mm Main post is 35 mm diameter with 2 mm thickness and height 250 mm Maximum amla size is 40mm diameter approximately. Total weight is 2.8 Kg. Removes seed from about 17 kg of amla per hour

Sugarcane Detrasher

· Easy to Handle · Reduced cost for detrashing · It can be used for all varieties of cane · It also removes the sprouted buds · It will be easy to collect and dispose the de-trashed leaves · This device is 100% manually operated and is very cost effective · Make laborious task easy for your farmers

Wheel - Direct Paddy Seeder

Wheels are provided at both ends of the direct paddy seeder. These wheels are made up of plastic material to provide floating characteristics. Wheel diameter is 2 feet.

Seed Drum - 20 x 20 cm

The seed drum is hyperboloid shaped with 200 mm diameter. There are 8 number of seeding metering holes of 9 mm hole diameter. Baffles are provided inside the seed drum between the seed holes to ensure the uniform seed rate in operation as well as to ensure hill dropping of the seeds. Each seed drum has two rows of planting, and four drums are assembled to form eight rows of planting at single stretch.

DPS - Accessory Box

Accessories required for drum seeder are available as spares.

DPS - Square Shaft / 20 cm / 8 Rows / 171 cm

Drum Seeder Square Shaft

DPS - Square Shaft / 25 cm / 6 Rows / 161 cm

SQUARE SHAFT / SS / 25 x 25 cm / 6 Rows

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